Panama part dos


After breakfast we arranged for an Uber driver to take us to Cerro Ancón which overlooks the city of Panama. Since one of the guys was en route only myself and Simen went while Andreas waited for their friend James. Our driver was very nice but the funny thing was he had never been to the park even though he is from Panama City. He was very nice to wait while we took some pictures from the overlook and waited for the others to arrive.

When the others arrived we snapped one picture and left since they ended up hiking up the last part of the road to the top, so they had their fair share of views. We then proceeded to head to the Panama Canal where we said adiós to our driver. Later when I got WiFi again I saw the fare was only $28 and some change, which meant my $30 credit was able to get us a driver for over an hour at no cost Uber credits only work in the US I later learned. Bummer!

We seemed to arrive too early at the canal as no boats were scheduled to go through until two hours from when we first arrived. So we just killed time by seeing the museum and eating out of a vending machine. By now you can imagine the suspense that was building to witness the thrilling act of seeing a boat pass through the locks.


And then, with the speed of a sloth, some boats came into the lock! First was a group of three small boats which they lashed together, followed by a very large ship which barely fit in the lock at all!

And that my friends is the Panama Canal.